15 April 2014

How I choose which pieces of jewelry to sell - And what you need for spring STAT

There is snow on the ground. Snow. It's April 15. Am I being punked?
I can hardly think spring or summer fashion when I see snow. But there are two pieces new to my line that you NEED for spring.

First I wanted to give you a little insight in how I choose which pieces I offer for sale.
I design a lot of jewelry. A lot. And actually very little makes it to the Studio Jewel line.
Here's how it plays out.
Design pops in head. Design makes it to paper. Design sits on floor on said piece of paper for 3-6 months. Design finally makes it to bench.
The fun part? Trying to figure out how the vision in my head works in the metal. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not. I love this part of the process. Because by this time I have truly thought about this design a great deal, so watching it come to fruition is one of those YES moments!

10 April 2014

My BEST decision for family and business - ask Lisa

Today I did a shout out for "ask Lisa" questions. Nothing in my "go to" box was speaking to me. You came through with some amazing questions that are SURE to show up here in weeks to come! Thank you!

But one question. One question made me stop and really think. One question resonated in my heart. One question needed to be answered…for you…but ultimately for myself. And truth is, it did NOT take too long to ponder.

The question from Janna, was:
"what is the single best decision you ever made for your business AND your family?"

09 April 2014

Back to basics tank tops my favorite thing

Besides my unmentionables - but doesn't mentioning make them mentionable - and who came up with the word unmentionable anyway. How's that for a confusing opening non-sentence. Let's start again.

Everyday, after I grab my undergarments (better) the very next thing I put on is a tank top. Not kidding. Every day. It's like my guardian wear. What do I mean? It covers everything. It gives me an extra layer. It adds a pop of color. And when I bend over there is absolutely no chance of seeing my unmentionables! I know the trend are these midriff belly showing shirts. Make them go away and please don't let your daughters wear them.

08 April 2014

Spring Shoes 2014 Guide - time to ditch the boots but not completely

It's spring! Finally! 
And I know, as much as we are "boot lovers" we are also eager to exchange those boots for something a little strappier,  a little lighter, and a lot more non-winter!

I also know your heartfelt desire is to grab those flip-flops and run with them. I mean not REALLY run…cause that could be dangerous in flip-flops. know what I mean!
Although I love my flip-flops…they are just not...shall we say … fashionable? Heading to the beach? Walking on the boardwalk? Sitting around the fire pit? Sure. There will always be an occasion where flip-flops just work. But can I encourage you to try something else when you go out to dinner? Go to church? Lunch with friends? Even the mall?

02 April 2014

A tiny break. A big move. And something new.

I'm blogging to let you know I won't be blogging this week. It seems a bit silly actually. Like I should call it an "un-blog". But that's not really a word. Well maybe it is with the cool blogg-y people. I am not a cool blogg-y person. Wait. Is blogg-y a word? Do you see why I'm shouldn't be blogging this week?

I have kids on spring break. I have a move to the my NEW studio. And a mind that is fried. Totally. Instead I will barrage you with photos of new pretties. In all the craziness I have still been productive :)

love you bunches…

27 March 2014

Kids and Sports the rock solid truth

Kids and sports.
When you're wishing for your child to "make the team" there are several factors you need to consider that you may not have thought of before.

For instance….
1. Where do you live? 
The weather plays a very big part in how much you enjoy being a spectator at these games. I've sat at softball games and my fingers were so numb they turned white. I've sat at baseball games with the sun beating down so hard my neck turned red and I was drenched with sweat. And let's just say swim meets do nothing for my curly hair.