23 April 2014

My new jewelry studio, my favorite thing

I am giddy. Over the moon. Geeky excited. Ecstatic. Pumped up.
It's almost finished. Almost. But I'm THERE! In the space! Working!

I have so much to tell you about my journey to this point. But right now? Right now I just need to BE. Be in that space. Organizing and completing orders. Have I mentioned I'm a bit behind.

Please be patient with me. THIS is monumental.

We went from this…
…to this… THIS!

…and THIS!
I have a lot of organizing to do. Then there are shelves to install. Cabinet doors to hang. But I'm getting there. My husband is amazing…he coordinated the entire thing. Every facet. Every detail. I could not be more grateful. And you? Thanks for journeying with me!

Love you to the moon!


22 April 2014

How to cuff your jeans. Fashion Tip Tuesday.

Face it. We've been cuffing since we were babies. Sometimes for the sheer need of being able to walk in our pants. Sometimes because you wanted to run barefoot. Sometimes because you fashion-ized in the 80's. Sometimes because they just weren't quite the right length. But sometimes. Sometimes…you just need to cuff.

So what exactly is the low down on cuffing? And here's the magic people. There are no rules. Cuffs just work. Almost any jeans can be cuffed. Big rolls. Small rolls. Pegged. Any shoes. Any style. Any age. Boys and girls. Anything goes. Seriously. It doesn't get much better.

Cuffing your pants can totally change the way they look.  It's fun. It's easy. And really, like I said….no rules.

Me? I am an avid cuffer. I love big wide cuffs. Fun way to showcase cute shoes.  Skinny tight cuffs? Great for combat boots or booties. And yes friends…I even went old school 80's this week and pegged my jeans with my TOM's. And guess what…I loved it.
Boyfriend or oversized jeans. Messy cuffs. On my wide bottom pair I go a bit wider on the cuff. Skinny bottoms…skinny cuffs. Pretty easy to remember.
Skinny jeans. My favorite to cuff. With a boot I would choose a very skinny less visible cuff. Just a tiny bit of ankle peeking out. With a sandal or loafer or sneaker a wide cuff is best. LOVE!
Make sure you look like you did it on purpose. Not like…oh no there's a flood!
Make sure you pair your cuffs with cute shoes. It's kinda why we cuff…to showcase the shoes. Get it?

Guys. You have to cut. Totally cool. Very hip.
Boot cut. Don't do it.
Flared. NO No.

Why cuffing works. It adds a bit of chic to your otherwise basic boring jeans. Suddenly your ratty jeans, possibly with holes, can be paired with heels and look amazing. Truly. The possibilities are endless!

Spring and summer are your perfect cuffing season. I challenge you to give it a shot and then let me know! Come on. You can totally do this.


17 April 2014

What's next. Who am I. Introspection.

This has been a tough week. I'm not exactly sure why, but everything feels like a struggle. I find myself either close to tears or ready to explode. Strange combo.

You know how sometimes things just "catch up" with you. You go. Go. Go. And then...for me…there's a crash. Of course I constantly…and I mean constantly…worry about a depression crash. For as much as I don't love taking medication I am not willing to ever risk NOT taking it. I just can't let myself go there.
So for right now I struggle.

And the struggle seems to be significance. Not necessarily my own significance. But if I'm making a difference. If I'm making the people around me FEEL significant. Fail.

It's funny. We did our taxes. My first thought was…"that's a lot of jewelry"…my second thought was, "did I make an impact on those people?"
I've screwed up in life. I've made big mistakes. I've experienced grace and forgiveness and I live under the freedom of that gift. Now? Now I want to make a difference. I want to live a life that makes a mark…on people. Not to be recognized. Not to make more money. But to make others smile. To make others feel significant. To let you know you are loved.
But am I doing that?

Am I doing that with my husband? Does he feel significant? Does he feel loved and supported and encouraged? FAIL.
What about my kids? Do they know they are loved unconditionally? Do they know how much I treasure them? FAIL.
How about the people I pass in the grocery store? Or on the road? 
What about the people I converse with online? FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

This is where the negative thoughts come in. I'm failing. I get angry. I get frustrated. I get selfish. I'm not doing "enough". 
And then I get angry at THOSE thoughts. Because I know that I am in fact enough.
See the vicious cycle?

I'm a pretty introspective person. I work alone most of the time and I love it. I enjoy listening to music, and sermons, I even like the silence.
But lately the silence is deafening. Sometimes self talk is not helpful and more like destructive. And I'm not in the best of places.

I think "life" has caught up with me. Moving. Crashing. Change from homeschool mom to "regular" school mom. Crazy busy business. Horrid awful studio conditions. Floods. More moving. Losing a fur baby. Gaining a fur baby. Teenagers. Hormones…mine AND theirs. Supporting my man. Finding my place.

Today I started thinking about what I needed to change in my attitude. First I prayed that God would show me more of what His intent is for my life. That I'd stop looking at MY intent…and be more aware of His plan. Then I thought I would ask those around me what they think of when they think of me…I wanted honesty. I think they were being nice…regardless…it brought me to tears.

Maybe. Just maybe. I am being used. 
Maybe. Just maybe. I can make a difference.

ONE WORD to describe me. ONE WORD that came to mind. That's what I asked for.
My word from your responses? OVERWHELMED.
Whether I believe all these words or not...well, actually that is irrelevant. It is giving me something to aspire to. Something to strive for. Something to help me finish my race.

Thank you for being just the encouragement I needed. You gave me what I needed for this day…
…so let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12.1
Thank you friend. You.Are.Loved.


16 April 2014

Eye brow powder - one of my favorite things

Let's face it. We do a lot to make ourselves look pretty presentable. We care for our hair, our skin, our face. But we often neglect the eye brows. You know, those expressive little lines above our eyes. Think about it. You can say a lot with your eye brows! Shoot…we even insert little emojis in our text messages…do we not?

15 April 2014

How I choose which pieces of jewelry to sell - And what you need for spring STAT

There is snow on the ground. Snow. It's April 15. Am I being punked?
I can hardly think spring or summer fashion when I see snow. But there are two pieces new to my line that you NEED for spring.

First I wanted to give you a little insight in how I choose which pieces I offer for sale.
I design a lot of jewelry. A lot. And actually very little makes it to the Studio Jewel line.
Here's how it plays out.
Design pops in head. Design makes it to paper. Design sits on floor on said piece of paper for 3-6 months. Design finally makes it to bench.
The fun part? Trying to figure out how the vision in my head works in the metal. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not. I love this part of the process. Because by this time I have truly thought about this design a great deal, so watching it come to fruition is one of those YES moments!

10 April 2014

My BEST decision for family and business - ask Lisa

Today I did a shout out for "ask Lisa" questions. Nothing in my "go to" box was speaking to me. You came through with some amazing questions that are SURE to show up here in weeks to come! Thank you!

But one question. One question made me stop and really think. One question resonated in my heart. One question needed to be answered…for you…but ultimately for myself. And truth is, it did NOT take too long to ponder.

The question from Janna, was:
"what is the single best decision you ever made for your business AND your family?"

09 April 2014

Back to basics tank tops my favorite thing

Besides my unmentionables - but doesn't mentioning make them mentionable - and who came up with the word unmentionable anyway. How's that for a confusing opening non-sentence. Let's start again.

Everyday, after I grab my undergarments (better) the very next thing I put on is a tank top. Not kidding. Every day. It's like my guardian wear. What do I mean? It covers everything. It gives me an extra layer. It adds a pop of color. And when I bend over there is absolutely no chance of seeing my unmentionables! I know the trend are these midriff belly showing shirts. Make them go away and please don't let your daughters wear them.