23 October 2012

Trends - Ombre. Hair. And being yourself.

The beauty of being an artist is that you can get away with a great deal. Tattoos? Check. Funky clothes? Check. Purple hair? Check.

Truly, I love being an artist. However, it took me a very long time to embrace who I am, and allow that to shine through on the outside.

Call it insecurity. Call it trying to fit in "the box". Call it round peg, square hole. Whatever it is...I knew I was different, but for a long time I didn't want to "stand out".

Here's the thing. I don't care anymore.

I did not get my tattoo's for you. I did not get my tattoo's to be rebellious. I got them because they mean something to ME...I think they are beautiful...and I love them.

Now let's talk hair.

Early last year, my amazing stylist, Gene, suggested putting purple streaks in my hair before my gallery opening. My girls had done it. I thought "why not"?

I loved it. 

It just felt like me. I smiled every time I saw it in the mirror. Who knew purple could bring so much joy?

But then - well over a year later - there was a random comment from someone asking me if I thought I was a teenager by dying my hair purple. **shrink**

I was suddenly self conscious again. 

Then we moved. I thought to myself "get this purple out of your hair, so people will accept you and not judge." Now I really AM feeling like a teenager. Insecure. Wanting to fit in.


As the clouds of depression started to fall away. When I began to feel like myself again. I realized that I didn't color my hair for anyone...but ME! I like it. It makes ME happy. It allows ME to feel like the artist I am. And I love her...or me...ok, now I sound like two people!

So last weekend I traveled back to Michigan to my amazing stylist and we did Ombre hair. And I just LOVE it!

It was quite the process. First we dyed all of my hair my root color to make sure any leftover summer highlights (and grey) would disappear. Then we completely bleached out the ends.

Ta dah. Bleached ends. Totally weird look. I'm not quite that daring :)

Then Gene tediously painted on the color. Reddish pink. Then purple. Then blend. Now my least favorite part. The dryer. You have to "bake" in the color. I hate the dryer...reminds me of all those years going to the "beauty parlor" to see Ursula with my mom. {{shudder}} Did I mention Ursula did NOT know what to do with curly hair. Oh the bad hair years!

After the drying and the flat ironing, and the finishing...the unveiling! exciting! Yes this is permanent...and yes it will fade, but not a ton. This hair color is the da bomb. It lasts FOREVER. Like months. For realz.

Since straight hair really isn't me, and I wanted to try the style I had originally seen on Pinterest. (yes this color idea came from Pinterest) And I was totally inspired from one of my favorite blogs Hair Romance - she has the BEST hair ideas! Anyway, it was time to get out my curling iron and "play". So THIS is what it really looks like!

Right here is where I SHOULD say, "what do you think?". But the truth is, I don't care. Not because I don't value your KNOW I do. But because I did this for me. And what do I think? I absolutely love it!

Are you ready to be yourself? Are you ready to "be the trend"? Don't be scared! People will love you for who you are. More importantly, it's a process of learning to love yourself for who you are. And embracing it!

Thank you Gene, for being the most awesome stylist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You're the bestest!



  1. Love it!! Beautiful! Being your self is the greatest!! :)

  2. Gorgeous - inside and out. YOU are da bomb Lisa :)

  3. Oooooh!! I LOVE it!! I would so do this if my hair was long. I think you look fabulous!

  4. What I think it that your hair looks fantastic! While *I* would never do that with my hair, I love when people show their personality through their hair! (and with that, I'm off to check out that hair website you mentioned...)

  5. I adore what you did! So beautiful. Just wait until you turn 50 - now that's true liberation!

  6. I love this, and would do something similar if my job allowed it...
    I also have to cover all my tattoos and hide any piercings that are not on my ears...
    but meh!
    I also thought it was funny that you thought the bleached ends were more daring than the color. :)
    yay for being ourselves! (if only away from the workplace)

  7. Lisa, you are such an inspiration and a beauty inside and out! Love the hair! xo

  8. Which is why I am now rocking the dreads! Though curly hair with ombre looks amazing on every person I have seen. Sigh... makes me want what I can't have.

  9. I love the ombre hair but I'm too scared to dye it myself ha! I got these instead - I&K dip dye hair extensions They’re available at and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the dark to blonde one and they look fab! Kate x


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