15 November 2012

Meet Audrey

I'm kind of an independent, entrepreneur, do everything myself kind of girl. I always think that I need to do it all. And then I get stuck. Because really, I can't.

My oldest daughter works for me in the studio creating jewelry.  My husband takes care of a great deal of the business side of things. But I had a hard time admitting that I needed MORE help.

Christmas 2011. 
I was buried. There was more work than I could possibly do on my own.

Enter Audrey.
Already a good friend she offered ~ out of the goodness of her heart ~ to come and help me with "whatever".

She quickly became indispensable. 

Really the only thing Audrey DOESN'T do is make jewelry.
She has been my right hand - organizing files, accounting, emails...everything! She's brilliant...really...and I adore her.
If you've ever placed an order with me, I'm sure you've spoken with Audrey!

Truly? I don't know what I would do without her.

Her sweet little boy would "come to work with her". He was always in my studio trying to be a "big helper". Cutest little guy ever!

One of the toughest parts of moving to Indiana was leaving Audrey behind. Not just because of how much she works for me, she still does all of that....but I miss her greatly as a friend :(

Today is a very special day for Audrey.
Today she is having another baby!
(this is a picture she sent me last night! isn't she just so stinkin' cute?)

I'm beginning to wonder if she planned on having a baby just before Christmas to get out of helping me....hmmmmm...curious.

I'm kidding! 
She is so dedicated, she will probably be answering emails from the hospital!

My prayers are with Audrey and Josh and Eliot, as we eagerly await the arrival of their new addition! you get to become a big brother!

I'm actually driving to Michigan in a few hours to take my daughter to a concert, so I will get to meet baby right away! How's that for perfect timing?? I cannot wait to get my baby fix!

So today I ask for your prayers for Audrey and new baby.


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