a little bit of change, a whole new Favorite Thing.

Change is always hard. 

Personal change is even harder.

With all the change that has been thrown at me lately, I decided I needed to make a change that I was going to be MY CHOICE. Something personal. Something important to me.

I am a very sensory person. I am very strongly affected by aroma's. A small whiff of a familiar scent evokes so much emotion within me, and can take me to memories buried deep within.

I find certain smells so comforting and sweet they put a smile on my face.  But I'm also extremely sensitive to fragrances. Certain perfumes or lotions will give me an instant headache!

I have been wearing the same perfume for almost 19 years. I love it. My husband loves it. Other people love it. Many women have even purchased it themselves, only to come back to me and say it just doesn't smell the same on them.

THAT officially made it MY scent.

But I needed a change. I needed something new. This is new season of my life, I feel like I have a fresh start, so I need a fresh new smell. What? Is that so strange?

I have been looking, and testing, waiting for something to whisk me away in a swirl of the perfect mix of feminine floral and musk. Something to call me own.

I would find one I like, but the aroma would fade too fast. Too sweet. Too spicy. Too floral. Too complicated. Ugh. I was just about ready to give up.

Once again, Birchbox to the rescue.

My December box had a sample of Cartier for men and for women. The women's scent was called Basier Vole Eau de Parfum, which means "stolen kiss" in French. LOVE!

** this is obviously not the sample vial size! **
I tentatively sprayed some on expecting to hate it. Strangely enough, I did not. Then I expected my husband to hate it. Strangely enough, he did not.

I use the entire vial of that week, falling more deeply in love with its layers of fresh lilies and powdery after scent each and every day. And then it was gone. {{sad panda}}

Being Cartier, you can imagine it was pricey. Not something I ever would expect just purchase. To my delight, my husband gave me a photo of the perfume bottle for Christmas and told me to order some online. {{ Apparently only fancy-schmancy stores actually carry it in stock! Oh la la! }}

I decided to go to my source, Birchbox and order it from them, since they were the dears that introduced us! And Free Shipping? Yes please.

It arrived. Even the bottle is lovely. 
So begins a new friendship. Me and Cartier - mon amie!

Are you stuck on a certain scent? Spicy? Sweet? Floral? What is your fav and why?
I really would love to know!

Still need your own Birchbox,  click this LINK to sign up! It's so worth it - without them, my new scent and I would have never met! I even got my hubby Birchbox MAN for Christmas!

love and hugs and sweet aromas!
~ lisa xxoo

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