Insta Friday - a look at my week in pictures

This week has been a whirlwind. Truly.

It started with a 16th birthday and ended up with me living in San Francisco for two weeks, taking advanced gold smithing classes at the Revere Academy. 

Wanna travel through my week with me via my favorite Instagrams? You can always follow me there - I'd love it! I'm easy to find.... it's just StudioJewel!

Anneke turns 16 spiderman style!

My man child and his best friend.

Boarding a plane, leaving my family for two weeks. One of the hardest moments of my life....

Another hard moment? Walking through this door. Preparing for my life to be changed... this man. Alan Revere from the Revere Academy.

My "home" for the next two weeks....

A much needed chocolate break.

My finished project...class number one.

My day off. Spent with a friend. It was perfect!

Love you all. Have a wonderful weekend!


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