Emerald Green how to embrace the color of the year - Fashion Tip Tuesday

Green. Not the first color I think of when it comes to fashion.
Vegetables? Yes. Garden? Yes. Wizard of Oz? Yes.

But fashion. Not so much.
However, Pantone has declared it as such, so we must find ways to make it our own. I have a few suggestions. You knew I would! And I promise....I'll be gentle.

As you saw yesterday I decided to try it on my nails. I was completely apprehensive about this. Green on ones nails? But seriously? Day three and I'm still in love. And for a color to last on my nails with the work I do? This stuff is da bomb. Color Club Fiesta Collection in  Wild Cactus. Mine came in my Birchbox.

Another great way to add color without making a huge commitment is on your feet! These cute flats from Target are only $39.99 and quite the perfect shade! I would pair them with cropped jeans, a white maxi skirt, skinny jeans, or even a dress. TONS of options to add a pop of color...think I need to go get them!
How about a handbag? A messenger bag to be specific? This one is only $29 and super cute! Perfect for throwing in your lap top, iPad, magazines etc. Oh wait, that's me :)

Clothing options for the really daring? 
Splurge? Super adorbs top from Joie
Love, love love this dress from Old Navy
And for the truly fashionable...green jeans from BlueFly!

And of course, there are always accessories. I created this leather and silver ring in theme. I think it's quite perfect for spring!

So will you do it? Will you embrace Emerald Green? Really, what do you have to lose? Tell me...which option speaks to you!! At the very least...let's go with these...yes?


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