10 Fashion Don'ts you really need to follow

We tend to focus on trends and what IS fashionable. What shoes to wear. What looks best with cropped jeans. What kind of accessories you need to spruce up your summer wardrobe.

But at some point you need to process what you should not do! We've all made those mistakes. And really in the great scheme does it really matter? Probably not. But why not save ourselves from one more embarrassing moment?

Here are my top ten fashion no-no's.
  1. Leggings and/or tights are not pants. I know we have covered this before. But it bears repeating. It's just too much information if you know what I mean, no matter how amazing you think you look in them!
  2. Shorts that are too short. There are very few, save the actual Daisy Duke, who can pull off the short shorts. And even if you can, don't. It screams cheesy, cheap and easy. Again, too much information. Anything less than a 3" inseam for the younger set, and 5-6" for the {{ahem}} more mature is just plain not cool.
  3. Platform sneakers. They are just plain ugly. Seriously ugly. Like ewww. Please, just don't!
  4. Animal prints. In general let's just say a little leopard can go a long way. As an accent. On your feet. On your handbag. Just don't go all out animal or you look like you are a Bronx Zoo escape-y!
  5. Sweatpants and running suits. Are you headed to the gym? On your way home from an awesome workout? Those are the only two reasons you should be wearing one. They aren't cute, not so much flattering - and like I tell my girls who want to wear sweatpants to school....NO! It looks sloppy. Present yourself well.
  6. The Ugg dilemma. I love my Ugg's truly. But I live in Indiana. And it was a cold winter. Therefore the weather demanded warm footwear. But once the temps rise enough that you don't really need pants...you don't really need furry boots. Capiche?
  7. Bad undergarments. Did you know they show? Did you know they shouldn't? Just as much as I never want to see "pink" emblazoned across someones buttocks, I don't want to see your pink bra strap, unless you are inevitably wearing a tank top and can't help it. I definitely do NOT want to see your thong hanging out of your jeans. Again....ewwww! And on the other end of the spectrum, baggie panties just don't do it. Buy some that fit, seamless even...please.
  8. Overalls. I know they are making a comeback. Everything does. But unless you are tween or young teen you just look like you belong in a Kenny Chesney video. And hey, if he wants you to wear overalls in his video...go for it! Just leave them on the set. K?
  9. Pajama pants. Right up there with exercise gear. Are you heading to bed? A slumber party? Then rock it sistah. Otherwise, don't even do carpool in them. You know what your mother always told you about wearing clean underwear when you leave the house? Well, the same goes for pajama pants. You just never know what might happen!
  10. Tight and short. If you have to strain to zip it. Or you can see the mole on your back rising through your shirt. You need to upsize. There is nothing wrong with upsizing to fit your body. You may be feeling out of shape and like you want to lose weight...but nothing screams it to the world then clothes that are too small. WHO CARES what size it is. Buy something that fits. Don't refuse to buy a large because it's a LARGE. I always buy large...especially when I am bargain shopping from companies that carry designer names. Their clothes notoriously run small. Buy what fits. You will look better. You will feel better. And you will present yourself better.
So friends, those are the first 10 fashion don'ts that came to mind. Nothing that should have made you say "i never thought of that"...but hopefully just a gentle reminder. We all need them once in awhile.

don't wear this either. what IS it?
Anything you want to add? Anything I missed? Leave it in the comments - I would LOVE to know your thoughts!

As an FYI, I AM wearing a tank top today...you can see my bra strap...but it's a gentle light pink, and my tank top is not skin tight...therefore I shall count this as a WIN!


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