A new Puppy my favorite thing

Puppy kisses. Puppy breath. Squishy faces. Tiny paws. How can one resist?

After the heart wrenching loss of our precious Maggie-girl we have felt such a void in our home. And not only us…her big sister Selah misses her terribly. Sweet girl won't let me out of her site. She's lonely.
We thought about getting a puppy.Were we ready? Was it the right thing to do? Was it too soon?

But the void. The emptiness.

Surely a small Internet search would be OK? Just a peek. Just looking.
We will just go and SEE the puppies. No commitment.
Yeah…right, you say.
BOOM. We fell in love. Instantly.
We had to wait several weeks. The timing was perfect. Time to process. Time to heal. Time to prepare.
And now she is ours. Meet Willow.
Selah is unsure. It will take time. We are loving on her BIG TIME.

Willow is adjusting. She is definitely getting plenty of attention.
And getting a puppy before Snowmageddon set in with below zero temps and being completely snowed in - was NOT the best idea…but who knew?
She pees a lot. She bites a lot. She cries at night. She's a ton of work. I love it.
Welcome home Willow. Welcome home.

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