27 February 2014

Just be nice. And grateful. And loving. Is it really too much to ask?

I had a completely different blog post written for today.

But something has been weighing heavily on my heart. So much so that I'm not functioning well. My thoughts are all jumbled together.

Last night, I thought I had it figured out. My expectations of others is too high. And I'm easily disappointed. I still believe there is great truth in that. Possibly a personality flaw?

However, I think there is more to it. Ultimately, I think I am saddened by the state of humanity. I am fully aware that we live in a fallen world that is full of sin and darkness and evil and yuck. We see it every day. But I guess there is a part of me that just wanted to believe that people are "better" than that. That in general, we WANT to be kind, grateful, happy, honest, loving. That we want to build each other up.
That is not the case.
And it really shouldn't surprise me.
Honestly? I've disappointed many. I've hurt many. I've been unkind. Unfair. And maybe just plain mean. But I don't believe that is who I am. I think I'm a human that has made grievous errors in life. I think I truly am trying to rise above all of that. To choose joy. To choose to make others happy. To make a positive influence on those around me. Well…. that's who I WANT to be.

For me personally….as a follower of Christ…I truly have ultimate joy. What I believe and who I believe in gives me hope for tomorrow…strength to face trials…a grateful heart...and love. Not...when I feel like it love. Not...when they love me first love. But all the time. Why? Because He loved me first. Pretty straightforward. So I guess I'm MOST disappointed by those who profess to share the same beliefs with me but don't act accordingly.

But what about humanity as a whole? What if we all took time to…

  • give more hugs.
  • say thank you and mean it.
  • go out of our way to give compliments.
  • give more. take less.
  • listen more. speak less.
  • hold hands more.
  • choose joy.
  • lift people up.
  • pet more dogs.
  • let it go.
  • change our tone.
  • be friendly.
  • don't assume.
  • smile.
  • laugh.
  • be silly.
  • enjoy the sunrise.
  • look people in the eye.
  • volunteer our time…not just give our money.
  • lower our expectations of others.
  • be grateful. be grateful. be grateful.
  • be less judgmental.
  • speak kindness.
  • give. give. give.
Those are just my ramblings. Quick. Off the top of my head. Things that I need to work on. Good grief I need so much work.

There will always be ugly in the world. Pain. Suffering. Hate.
We don't have to be a part of it.
We don't always have to try to be first. Striving to get ahead. 
Someone behind you might need a hand.
Trust me…that reach behind you will give you more joy than any success or money or title or accolade will ever bring.

People matter.
You matter.

Here is to impacting humanity. Because we can.

Talk back to me. I'd love to know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading….



  1. Oh Lisa! I hope that you find peace with what seems to be weighing heavily on your heart! I love your list (especially pet more dogs) and thanks for the reminder that we can seek to be part of the good that is in the world, rather than the negativity. xo my friend!

    1. thank you my friend. you always bring a smile to my face! :)

  2. Lisa,
    This post was especially meaningful to me today as I've had several things happen this week that left me with a similar feeling (losing faith in human goodness). Thank you, you've given me a new outlook!

  3. Lisa, what a wonderful post! You have expressed so succinctly the many thoughts and feelings that I have as I have traveled through 66 years of life and seen so many disappointing and hurtful behaviors of people who were supposed to be loving Christian people. But you are so right--we have to keep our heads and shoulders up and continue to trust in God's mercy and grace and act according to His teachings. We must not let the weight of the world weigh us down. That is what Satan would have us do, and we must not give him that victory! Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    1. thank you so much for YOUR words…and for reading. i am grateful!

  4. Great outlook to have on life. I feel disappointed by family, friends, frustrating situations in general yet it hasn't broken me yet. I am not of one specific religion per say but rather of a spiritual nature. I hate the ugliness in the world so I sill my days trying to make my world a prettier place. Hopefully it rubs off on others just as smiles are contagious. But if not..I nap. LOL Things always look a little better when you're rested. :) Love you

  5. Yes, I so agree with you Lisa! How would we make it in this life without Christ? It's a balancing act here on earth to keep encouraged by all of the sad things going on, but thankfully with HIS help, we can do it and see through his eyes. I have so much to work on too! everyday and sometimes moment by moment.

    I just found you on etsy.. and left a message there. I too am from Indiana.

    It's nice to meet you Lisa.

    Lee Ann

    1. so.very.true! nice to meet you too :)

  6. I couldn't have said it better myself. <3 We can always do better. All of us. <3 As long as we are making that effort, that is what counts.

  7. this was a beautiful post. My hope is that you don't look at those things as work but as fun ways to bring joy to others. :)

    1. thank you Jessica…and you are absolutely right!

  8. Sometimes it is hard to remain positive and our thoughts may sway but I am sure it still works out in the end and it does make one feel better to focus on being grateful for the gifts that we have received and give joy to others.


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