11 March 2014

Dry Shampoo and Why You Should Use It. Fashion Tip Tuesday. Beauty Tip.

Let's be honest. Ok, I'LL be honest. I wash my hair, dare I say, rarely?
Maybe it's the ONE thing to love about my curly hair. No oil. None. It's super dry and begs to be left alone. But it goes through phases. First day..curly. Second day…wavy. Third day…needs a flat iron. Fourth day…dry shampoo or maybe wash, but washing is so much work!

Dry shampoo. Game changer. Why didn't I discover this sooner?
What makes it so great is that it actually soaks up oil, and cleans hair…without getting it wet. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really works. And…it leaves hair smelling really awesome.
Of course, not all dry shampoos are created equal. I only know what I have tried. And what I have read.
When I was ready to give it a shot I turned to my faithful beauty advisor. Birchbox. {{They haven't led me astray yet.}} If you don't know my passion for my Birchbox, you will soon. And if you don't get your own box…click here…and treat yourself. Trust me.

Anyway, I purchased Klorane - it was a Best of Beauty winner from Allure - and Birchbox along with their readers highly recommended it. I love it because it's very natural. Not a bunch of ingredients I can't pronounce. $19.50. Pricey…but it has lasted me quite a long time.

I'll admit…I was still skeptical. Until I worked up the nerve to actually use it. I tried it on 3rd day hair. Lifting up the top layer of my hair and spraying it on the roots. It gave me body (remember I'm on straight day) it looked clean…and it smelled awesome! This stuff really IS the bomb diggity!

This photo is 4 days after my best hair day ever - photo posted last week. Pretty sure it looks clean and healthy!
Because I'm still a novice, I did some research for you…you're welcome…to find out other top contenders.

Lush Cosmetics No Drought Dry Shampoo Smells great. Blends in to hair. Very light. 19.98 on Amazon - and if you use my link …I get like 10 cents! Yes!

So what if you have … ahem … aging hair. Come on, our hair ages too. Nexxus Youth Renewal Dry Shampoo is recommended by Birchbox to give a boost in glossiness and manageability!  It must renew your youth too…since it says it in the title and everything. $12.99 on Amazon - again 10 cents for me!

Best bang for your buck? Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo. Reviews say it works like a charm..but it smells really strong. If you like smell, then go for it. At $11.99 it might be worth a shot!

Now I know many of you are probably already on the Dry Shampoo band wagon…so it's your turn! Share your favorites in the comments…I want to know. WE want to know.

I'm off…and yes, today is a Dry Shampoo day…you do the math!



  1. I use Suave...can't beat $2.50 and with my short lasts FOREVER!!

    1. wow. $2.50?? i might have to give it a try!!

  2. I have a brand that closed shop last year. :( but it is an all natural product. My hair is so darn thick though I have a hard time putting it evenly through my hair without making a giant mess. And like you I rarely wash my hair. Once a week and it takes soooooo long to wash it! Ugh. But I go from frizzy one day to curly the next and then it mellows and flattens itself out. If you have any tips on how to apply it better I am all ears! Or Hair. My hair dresser has to block out 3 hours for me when I see her that is how much hair I have!

    1. lol. i hear your pain. i can only use it when my hair is dirty and straight. if i try when my hair is…shall we say big?…it doesn't work. i usually start upside down and spritz my roots. then work in a bit at the scalp. i do like more of a natural product…my hair is already quite the product party!

  3. Thanks for sharing - I'm definitely going to give it a try. I'm with you - I think washing my hair is a ton of work, and I don't like to do it all the time. A dry shampoo to soak up any oil, add some nice smell, and give my hair some body sounds like a dream!

    1. Let me know what you decide to try and how you like it!

  4. Am I the only person who doesn't like dry shampoo? It absorbs the grease, yes, but leaves my hair feeling slick and stringy and gross. It doesn't look greasy, but feels that way. I'd rather just pull my hair up into a ponytail or bun if my hair is greasy and I don't have time to wash it.

    1. hmmm…i don't feel that way about the stuff i tried…maybe give it another shot? :)


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